About Clear Moves Consulting

Clear Moves Consulting helps companies design outstanding performance design by addressing 4 key opportunity areas:

  1. Strategy and Planning
  2. Leadership and Managerial Development
  3. Business Technology
  4. Executive and Strategic Coaching 

CMC was founded by Kevin Moloney in 2001. Kevin has successfully delivered and collaborated on projects on a local, national and international level. Kevin and his team have helped some of the finest organizations to improve their People, Processes and Technology in in banking, construction, health and wellness, forestry, manufacturing, the public sector, Information Technology and Start-ups. Our sustainable tangible results are produced through strong client partnerships, rigorous analysis, onsite execution and proven methodologies.  


Improvement starts with clarity about opportunity potential: which services, products and process areas have the greatest potential upside, for you, today.


To capitalize on your opportunity potential, we help you determine who needs which skills, so we can deliver the learning and development that maximizes the right performance. These are specific, focused and directly relevant.


You define what success means to you: faster growth, higher revenue, lower costs, greater market share. Most clients enjoy between 3x and 10x return on their investment, and the results are sustainable over time.


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Kevin Moloney

A Coaching Story

The Book Last Christmas, I received the book Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Alan Eagle, as gift from my older brother.

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