In a world of uncertainty...

... you must take control of your career

Find a career you love and get paid what you deserve.


The only search and secure career program of its kind.


Program intake to evaluate your employment options.

Week One:

It's critical you build a healthy mind-set to stay positive and focused during your search.

Week Two :

Discover your unique and transferable skills, value, personal brand narrative and networking strategies.

Post work:

The CMC search and secure methodology has no equal, because we take a holistic approach and harness the power of good coaching group support.

10 Search and Secure Best Practises

  1. “To thine own self be true” is the starting point. Get clear about your values and fit.
  2. Learn the skills to become a top consultant and problem solver.
  3. Helping potential employers to see future possibilities they might be missing.
  4. More activity means better odds, so get busy.
  5. Prepare for interviews by formulating in advance, excellent and insightful questions.
  6. Networking is critical. Just make sure you focus on giving, rather than getting.
  7. Resume or career portfolio, either or is up to you, just make sure it’s great.
  8. You have skills and experience to share with the world so get writing and get posting.
  9. Be open to the Gig economy to bridge the gap. You might like it so much that it becomes full time.
  10. Find ways to enjoy the journey before you reach the destination. Practice good stress management by keeping yourself healthy and mindful.

The right combination to ensure search and secure success.

The Clear Moves methodology has no equal because we take a holistic approach to helping you search for and then secure, meaningful employment..

Program Intake

We’ll dialogue with you to better understand your particular career aspirations, goals, objectives and progress to date.

Week One​

It’s critical you build a healthy mind-set to stay positive and focused during your search. Discover the formula for peak performance and personal leadership, while better managing and eliminating stress

Week Two​

Discover your communication style, motivators, transferable skills and personal brand narrative. You’ll also learn how to network, tap the hidden job market, master interviews and successfully negotiate a better salary.

Coaching Support​

Harness the power of coaching to help keep you accountable and on track, all the way through to the completion of your career search and secure journey.