Case Study

Executive Development

How Clear Moves Consulting helped a seasoned Account Executive save a twenty-year client from going to the competition.

Secured the approval and signing of a $450k purchase order which had previously been put on hold.

The Client

An enterprise level technology re-seller, located in western Canada. The company offers a wide range of information technology solutions including managed services, cloud adoption, software licensing, hardware sales and desk top deployment and support.

Project Summary

Priorities for the V.P of Sales included:

  • Building a coaching support process.
  • Build a comprehensive strategic sales plan for increasing net-new revenue.
  • Organizing tactical priorities.
  • Developing account executives to better manage their time and client relationships.
  • Through better coaching, increase professional service sales.


Confidential 1:1 coaching sessions with each account executive to build individual strategic sales plans. Supported by monthly progress reports an conversations with the V.P. of sales to ensure success.

The Challenge

The V.P. of Sales recognized the need to have additional support for his sales team so he could free up time to spend on additional strategic activities. The key development focus the coaching focused on was to increase professional service sales and have the account executives become more proficient at meeting with C-suite buyers.

A Key Twist

During the tenure of the coaching contract, one of long-term key client had asked for a new account manager, to serve their account. During the middle of a proposed new storage upgrade, the client stopped all communication. At that point, the focus of the coaching turned to ensuring we not only saved the client but helped secure the new storage upgrade. It was also critical to help the new account manager develop improved communications and relationship skills required to keep the client long term.

Solution & Implementation

  • Conduct an initial gap analysis and set a baseline of actions and development focus.
  • Introduce and begin populating the Clear Moves AVVM GOSPA strategic planning methodology.
  • Establish a cadence of bi-weekly calls to track progress and accountability.
  • Adjust the focus of the sessions according to immediate needs and tactical priorities.
  • Provide guidance and support in assigning key clients among transitioning account managers.
  • Set up specific and timely objectives for showing an ongoing and high standard value partnership to the account.
  • Create a process for securing more C-suite meetings with qualified buyers and internal executives.

Keys To Success

  • A firm commitment by the V.P. of Sales to make the coaching program happen
  • Enrolling the account managers by active listening and in a non
  • Develop a regular and respectful cadence in regards to contacting the client to move things along.
  • Creating a disciplined and long term approach that kept client value proposition at the forefront.
  • The account executive came away with a series of well planned and realistic objectives to support the client and win more sales.  Create a slide deck templates for account executives to use in executive presentations.

Strategic Coaching Considerations for Your Organization

The starting point begins with the top executive or the business ownership, having the will to make it happen and then enlisting their teams to participate. Performance issues to address and resolve could include:

  • Lack of shared vision or cohesive goals among executive and management teams
  • Confusion among front line staff regarding performance expectations
  • Under performing assets; improve or divest?
  • Need for operational process review.
  • Business growth outpacing former organizational structures

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