Introducing Ubiquity FLEX

Welcome to the world’s only research and data driven, virtual Chief Coaching Officer program to help you design outstanding performance. There is no better way to reduce costs, grow faster, driver higher revenue and attract and keep top talent.

Who Benefits From Having a vCCO?

Start ups

Clear Moves helps startups to scale by helping them build strategic plans and coaching their management teams, founders and CEOs.

The mid-market

Organizations in the mid-market benefit from hiring Clear Moves as an affordable alternative, rather than another full-time employee.

Enterprise divisions

Senior managers who require some heavy lifting on important initiatives. When you have budget but no head count, UbiquityFLEX is ideal.

Why UbiquityFLEX Works

  • Our light- touch CLEAR coaching methodology empowers your team and compliments your current and ongoing improvement efforts.
  • Having a dedicated vCCO ensures your improvement projects are connected, implemented and sustainable across all departments.
  • You’ll receive candid and unbiased implementation guidance based on hard data, astute observation and disciplined research.
  • Our team is available 24-7 when and where you need us!

How do you get more done with less resources?

Benefit From an Unbiased POV

You need some heavy lifting done while connecting divisions and disciplines. But there is problem. You want a professional void of perception bias who can bring the right approaches to help drive results; without breaking the bank. Clear Moves will help you do that and more. You’ll benefit from 25 years of consulting, international projects working for and with some of the best companies and executives around the world. 

Test Drive Ubiquity FLEX ™

While some performance issues can be addressed internally, what no one else has done is help teams use performance performance design to discover and then monetize strategic opportunities. The Ubiquity FLEX proof of concept takes place over four consecutive mornings and provides a unique opportunity for your organization to experience this transformational service.

Your POC Experience Includes

  • An introductory to cascading strategic plans
  • Initial phases of a standard management operating plan
  • Employee development  
  • A consolidated analysis and insights report

We’ll Help You Identify

  • Opportunities for increasing revenues and decreasing costs
  • Areas for your highest potential productivity gains
  • How to close any existing performance gaps
  • Potential Merger and Acquisition opportunities