Case Study

Career Transition

How Executive Coaching from Clear Moves helped a Professional find a better fit and meaning in his career path…

“Kevin’s approach was very beneficial in getting me to think differently about jobs and careers in general. His coaching has proven throughout my career stops, in that understanding all the things that would make me happy in a new role, fall into place if it’s the best fit.”

The Client

A professional, well educated at a top school in the U.S. Previously employed in a traditional industry but unsatisfied with his opportunities for personal and professional growth. Currently employed as a communication advisor for a municipality.

Project Summary

Priorities for the client included:

  • Finding a way to transition out of an unfulfilling position
  • Developing clarity regarding the extent of change required
  • Establishing a plan of action to better understand self and the market
  • Creating a schedule to meet new prospects while maintaining integrity with the existing employer
  • How to best utilize the tools provided in the Coaching for lasting success


Participation in a tailor made Executive Coaching Program (career transition focused). The program was comprised of ten 1-hour coaching sessions spread out over ten weeks with follow-ups.

The Challenge

The client had found himself reporting to an absentee boss, creating an environment of confusion with little promise of personal or professional growth. We determined he needed to understand himself better so he could discover his best fit. Then develop a strategy to approach the market and secure a new position where he could successfully apply his skills, education, experience and talent.

Solution & Implementation

  • Blue sky the possibilities, complete intake assessments. Anchor in approach framework and scheduling
  • Set up specific KPI’s in reference to daily and weekly search activities
  • Establish clarity regarding skills, communication style and workplace preferences
  • Integration of values and purpose with targeted employers
  • Narrow down list and begin field work
  • Learn negotiation strategies where and when applicable
  • A structured distance learning program with follow-up calls and emails to ensure sustainability
“I also think that organizations are approaching finding the best candidates in the same manner. You can always hone and upgrade a hard skill if need be and these days with technology, that’s almost a necessity anyway. But I have actually been advancing my career far more on my soft skills rather than on my hard skills.”
– Fred C., US Department of State

The Results

Days until the client was able to find a new position after the conclusion of the program – well ahead of the industry standard for professionals.

Career change and advancement in the last few years has remained steady, consistent and satisfying

The principles learned are still assisting the client today with his current job; especially the softer skills such as developing a higher Leadership Quotient

Keys To Success

  • Commitment and willingness from the client to the process
  • Accountability to new job search related KPI’s and assignment completion
  • Managing the existing role and employer with integrity
  • Participating in the Clear Moves Consulting sustainable framework, including distance learning follow-up emails and coaching calls

Considerations for Hiring a Career Transition Coach

For Organizations

  • The need to assist employees who are exiting because of a Reduction In Force
  • Helping remaining individuals after a RIF, now required to do more with less and in need of a boost in morale
  • Preparing employees for a significant organizational shift
  • Specific employee, management or leadership performance issues could include:
    • Confusion with the ‘Fog of More.’ i.e. Difficulty in separating and prioritizing the most impactful, personal and business priorities from everyday distractions
    • Changing workplace values demand more nuanced models of managing and leading teams
    • High potential leaders in need of preparing for more responsibility

For Individuals

  • Under utilization in current role when it comes to passion, skills, innovation, creativity and spearheading improvement
  • The need for improving Emotional Quotient. i.e. Hard skills make a significant contribution but you struggle with team environments or company politics
  • Lack of personal meaning, purpose or impact in your current role
Desire to grow in your current organization, but require a path and a methodology to make it happen

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