Case Study

Strategic Planning

How Clear Moves helped a Fitness Chain build and implement a Strategic Plan.

One of the many positive outcomes included a sustainable sales increase in a key product line of 115%.

The Client

Eleven Co-ed fitness clubs located in various municipalities. The company offers value pricing for a range of services, including state of the art equipment, fitness assessments, personal training and meal plans.

Project Summary

Priorities for the Founder and CEO included:

  • Building a new strategic plan
  • Conducting a comprehensive sales analysis to set and reach higher revenue goals
  • Organizing tactical priorities
  • Developing club managers to better coach their teams
  • Through better coaching, increase product and membership sales at each club, while lowering cancellations


Individual interviews with members of the Executive Team, then four collective day sessions, followed by implementing a sustainability framework.

The Challenge

The initial product training from the provider was sub- par and the CEO felt it had hindered, rather than helped the club reps in selling the plan. Upon a comprehensive review, we determined the company could be doing far better on a per month, per club basis and in turn, be doing more to help their members.

A Key Discovery

During one of the group sessions, Clear Moves and the Executive Team focused in on a revenue stream that was drastically underperforming. Prior to our Strategic Planning engagement, the company had acquired the rights to sell a proprietary meal plan, to assist their members with improving their diets and to help with weight loss.

Solution & Implementation

  • Blue sky the possibilities and then decide to re-train the staff at all the clubs, led by one of the Executive Team to ensure credibility
  • Set higher benchmarks regarding the total number of meal plans sold on a monthly basis
  • Set up specific KPI’s and commission incentives for the club reps, as well as team recognition rewards for meeting the new goals and objectives
  • Create a structured curriculum specific to the meal plan, assign ownership, schedule and roll out the training to each club in the chain
  • Implement the Clear Moves Sales and Leadership Coaching program to ensure sustainability of the improved performance

The Results

Average increase of sales of the meal plan per club within ten months of the program after an immediate increasing. The higher watermark is now the standard and has become sustainable, literally adding millions of dollars to the company over time.

Strategic Planning Considerations for Your Organization

  • A firm decision by the CEO to make the Strategic Planning happen
  • Enlisting and then leveraging the experience and talent of the Executive Team
  • Improving customer service skills, sales ability and mental toughness of the club managers and customer service representatives
  • Creating a sustainable framework to ensure consistency of the improved performance

Considerations for Hiring a Career Transition Coach

The starting point begins with the top executive or the business ownership, having the will to make it happen and then enlisting their teams to participate. Performance issues to address and resolve could include:

  • Lack of shared vision or cohesive goals among executive and management teams
  • Confusion among front line staff regarding performance expectations
  • Under performing assets; improve or divest?
  • Need for operational process review. i.e. post Covid 19
  • Business growth outpacing former organizational structures
  • Diminished corporate Brand or market recognition

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