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As you begin your journey as a new manager, you’ll be required to build and improve the capabilities of your team through coaching, mentoring and supervising. Depending on the experience, education, skill level and specific role of each team member, you’ll need to provide one or a combination of all three on any given day.

In deciding which to use and when, our clients have found it helpful to have a clear definition of each of these powerful development levers:


Senior employees guide and regulate the efforts of newer employees in the achievement of critical goals.


The practice of helping a leader or manager reach their goals, develop as an individual and perform better.


A structured, collaborative relationship for the purpose of advancing the protege’s growth and advancement.

A World Class and Proven Approach

Begin by identifying and addressing the skills that the market is demanding.

Engage personnel to clarify the existing gaps preventing them from maximizing contributions.

Uncover the financial impact of well trained employees. Target immediate opportunity areas to improve competitive advantage.

Explore and develop blended learning options including master classes, 1:1 coaching and diagnostics.

Prepare Your People for what’s around the corner

  1. For organizations to succeed, they need their key people to progress from doing, to managing and leading. However, there are barriers to people developing these critical skills sets, resulting in:
    • Departmental strategies being non existent or not aligned.
      The supporting objectives not being clear.
    • Disparate or cumbersome skill development plans to achieve the objectives.
    • The organization is less competitive
  2. While some of these issues can be addressed by traditional video learning or instruction, what no one else has done is use performance design to build a coaching and executive development platform. Our methodology does that and as a result:
    • Collaborative efforts are aligned to advance the company, department and individual goals.
    • Skill gaps are identified and addressed.
    • Everyone’s more motivated and successful.
    • The organization is more competitive and can win at a high level.

Building Bold Leaders: Executive Development for the Future

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