A tectonic shift

In March 2020, a tectonic shift occurred, tilting the fortunes of some industry sectors in opposite directions. On the one hand, airlines, for example, began fighting for survival, while RV wholesale shipments reported by the RV Industry Association posted their best month in 2020 and the highest monthly total since October 2018. 

Get below the surface

These contrasting examples are the result of the whims of fate, and in six months or a year, another unforeseen global event could mean a complete reversal in these sectors and or many others.

The key is for you and your team to be willing to get below the surface of what you currently see as your business. When conditions change, so do the needs of customers because they have different kinds of problems demanding different kinds of solutions. 

Significant opportunities

Take a look at the iceberg graphic. The ice above the water represents the products and services that help your customers during a typical, operational frenzied life.

Underneath the surface, is a mass of ice probably 5 times the size of the ice above the water. It represents the problems your customers are grappling with during extreme market conditions. 

Translation: there exists unseen but significant opportunities for you as a Leader and your team

Kevin Moloney

Founder & President

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