The Currency of Pace

The Opportunity Iceberg

Discerning how quickly or slowly the organization and its personnel need to move to sustain long-term success, maximize opportunities, and grow capital. The currency is time and energy.

Finding Your Rhythm

An organization’s pace is sustainable over the long haul when it swings according to seasonal rhythms. It’s in that healthy pendulum where you can continue to innovate and grow steadily over time.  

Pace is more important than the two priorities of perception (intellect) or profit. Think about it this way: Your earnings will suffer if you get too stressed to work effectively. If you are burned out and exhausted in your role, you won’t need more mental energy to innovate or solve problems. 

No amount of money or creativity can replace the value of being content in your job and devoting time, energy, and attention to the projects that matter. 

Development Seasons Vs. Delivery Seasons

Over the long term, every organization must predictably and intentionally manage Development and Delivery seasons. 

During a season of Development, you engage in a creative discovery process that yields innovation and keeps the company on the edge of emerging opportunities. Certain people within your organization are naturally gifted with the ability to develop. 

When the pendulum swings to the Delivery side, you implement your ideas. You recalibrate and get results by putting new, creative ideas into action. The focus is on execution, marketing products, holding employees accountable, and being as efficient as possible. 

Get Into Action

1. Think about your organization. Is it naturally good at one or the other – Development or Delivery? 

2. And what about you and your leadership skills — which of Development and Delivery is your preference?  

3. Take notes when thoughts come to mind about how these realities may be stumbling blocks for you and your company as you work to build and sustain a marathon mentality. 

Kevin Moloney

Founder & President

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