5 Ways to Keep Your “People First” Promise

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1. Develop a High EQ

  • EQ (Emotional Quotient) is a critical body of work we do with our partners at TTI Success Insights, the global leaders in leadership diagnostics. The workplace today has a rich mix of generations, necessitating leaders to abandon the outdated command and control method of leading. 
  • Low EQ will not be tolerated, especially by high performers. While developing this skill can be challenging, the results make it worthwhile. Your employees will thank you.

2. Know the Difference: Managing vs. Leading

  • Managing is what I call your “outside game.” It would help if you executed these performance vectors daily to ensure your department or company runs smoothly.
  • Leading is what I define as your “inside game.” It’s how you embrace and project your attitudes and traits. They are developed over time by continually working on yourself to improve in areas such as your EQ. (As an example, Reference Jason Aten’s excellent article in Inc. on Satya Nadella’s public statement on the recent Open AI crisis.)

3. Become an Excellent Manager

The first step is to become an excellent manager by mastering the seven vital functions of management.

  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Staffing
  4. Delegating
  5. Supervising/coaching
  6. Measuring
  7. Reporting

You can see that these functions are, in fact, in operational order. However, the world of work does not transact linearly, so you’ll need to develop and then learn how to use these skills as the situation requires.

4. Become an Excellent Leader

Leaders are made, not born; they emerge when a situation appears or is thrust upon them, which requires leadership skills.

Here are the seven key traits of leadership for you to master.

  1. Vision
  2. Courage
  3. Integrity
  4. Responsibility
  5. Foresight
  6. Commitment to winning
  7. Cooperation

5. Hire a Coach

Hire a coach to lock in your development efforts. The impact a Coach can have cannot be understated. Confusion with the ‘fog of more’ as a new manager or leader is one of the most common symptoms I see in people who hire me to coach them. Other issues include difficulty setting priorities, improving EQ, communication and establishing a work-life balance.   

Take Action Now

  1. Which management and leadership traits are most important to you? Rank them from priority down to fifth. No ties! Be decisive and honest.
  2. Choosing to grow in all five areas intentionally is vital to continuing to grow and mature as a leader.

Next Up

Next up in the 5-part series I’ll cover ‘Pace’ and the keys to healthy business growth.

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