The inspiration for this blog came from an article that appeared in my Google feed a number of months back, in which legendary investor Warren Buffet described Tim Cook as “one of the greatest managers in the world”.

Please know that I am not suggesting that you compare yourself to Tim Cook, or aspire to rise to such heights in your own career. The reason I cite the example, is because Buffet’s comment suggests that regardless of Cook’s CEO leadership responsibilities, performing well as a professional manager is also critical to success. But what is the difference between leading and managing, and where and how do you begin your development journey?


Purpose: noun

1. The object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or goal: synonym: intention.

2. Determination; resolution.


Your company’s purpose is very important. But how do you begin considering what it should be, and then decide on the details that make up your purpose?

In his classic best-selling book “How the Best Leaders Lead”, world-famous management consultant and speaker Brian Tracy defines corporate purpose as: “It is your real reason for being in business. Your belief in the goodness of your purpose is what enables you to persevere against external problems and difficulties. It is what motivates and inspires your people to put in the extra effort and go the extra mile.”

Individually, you are living with purpose when you are helping your organization and community actualize goals and objectives.

Healthy Leaders

Healthy leaders pursue a purpose bigger than themselves, and encourage others to do likewise. This shared big-picture perspective brings alignment, focus and discipline to teams throughout the organization. 

Clarity of purpose, combined with following a set of values and an ideal vision, maximizes the potential of the organization. I’ll cover values and vision in a future blog. Once a company’s purpose becomes clear, the rewarding work of communication, continual reinforcement and day-to-day application of that purpose begins.

Take Action Now

Here is an effective and recommended exercise to get you started. 

  1. Write down the things that currently, or once did, excite you about your company’s purpose
  2. Look for creative ways to re-engage those aspects of the organization’s purpose and see if your passion is stirred.
  3. If you were the leader of the organization, how would you articulate a more inspiring purpose?

Next up in this series: 5 Ways to Keep Your ‘People’ First Promise.

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