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3 Considerations For Running Better Meetings

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In my previous post, I emphasized the importance of first asking and then answering, five key questions before holding any meeting; digital or otherwise. If your analysis concluded the meeting is necessary, then it’s time to spring into action with the 5 “must haves” for a running a great meeting.

1. Management in Action

To remain positive and optimistic regarding the need for holding meetings, remember they are a form of management in action. Meetings are essential to advancing the goals of the organization, as they provide leaders and their teams, the opportunity to pursue important objectives. As well, meetings provide the structure to respectfully discuss challenges and come-up with solutions.

2. Prepare in Advance

Once you’ve determined the meeting is necessary, prepare in advance by drafting your agenda, beginning with a description of the meeting’s purpose. Twenty five words or less should be ample. Next, organize the topics in order of importance and distribute the agenda 24 to 48 hours in advance. Invite only those people whose attendance is critical to the meeting.

3. Begin on Time

Begin the meeting on time with your statement of purpose and announce the finish time of the meeting. Assume the late comer is not coming at all and if they do show up late, continue on with the agenda as planned. Keep the meeting on track and do not embarrass the late comer(s) by commenting on their tardiness. If it’s necessary, address the issue privately and offline.

Learn to Run Better Meetings

Learning to run better meetings is not complicated and it will improve every aspect of your management ability and your team and colleagues will thank you! 

Kevin Moloney

Founder & President

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