A Complete, 10- Part Coaching Program to Help You Master the Art of Selling Professional Services


For organizations to position themselves as trusted advisors, they need their sales and marketing people to illustrate how their recommended partner solutions create business value. However, there are barriers to people developing these critical skills sets, resulting in:
  • Sales messaging, communication and playbooks being non existent or not aligned.
  • The account management objectives not being clear.
  • Disparate or cumbersome skill development plans to achieve the objectives.
While some of these issues can be addressed by traditional video learning or instruction, what no one else has done is use performance design when cascading their sales strategies. Our Value Creation Master Class does that and as a result:
  • Collaborative efforts are aligned to advance the company, department and sales goals.
  • Skill gaps are identified and addressed.
  • Everyone’s more motivated and successful.

How Participants Benefit

You’ll come to understand why value creation is the most important factor in selling Professional Services, the importance of continuous personal and professional development and how in fact sales leaders are made, not born. In addition, you will learn how to:

  • Formulate a learning plan, necessary to take that next critical step in your sales career
  • Recognize how future success depends on mastering the art of value creation
  • Improve results through effective listening to uncover client business value
  • Meet competitive threats head on with confidence 
  • Build an effective client discovery approach
  • Better manage your consultative style 
  • Improve your prospecting methods and abilities
  • Build mega credibility
  • Develop the ability to understand the difference between “pain killers” and “vitamins.” 
  • Build a strong referral process and network    
  • Achieve clarity regarding partner solution service priorities
  • Recognize and concentrate on your sales strengths 
  • Identify the key factors that prevent PS sales success


Session One


Tuesday, November 15th
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Developing the Winning Edge

  • How becoming a top 1% sales professional begins on the inside
  • The Law of Incremental Improvement 
  • How leadership is equal parts who you are and what you do
  • A simple 3- step process for increasing your ability on a daily basis
  • The essence of what it takes to be a Professional Service Sales Leader  
  • The 7- critical success factors in selling
  • The two rules for competitive sales survival 

Partner Presentation

  • The key gaps, pain points and aspirations our solution solves and provides
  • How to better position our solution against the competitive incumbent
  • How knowing our solution positions you as a trusted advisor and confidant
  • Ways to help your clients unlock business value with our solution
  • 5- critical steps for engaging our team for sales and service support
  • How to use case studies and referrals to more effectively sell our solution

Session Two

Market Positioning

Tuesday, November 22nd
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

The Market Positioning Statement

  • The importance of consistency when answering the question “What do you do?”
  • The differences between solutions and solving business problems 
  • 3- critical components of competitive positioning to create client business value
  • The “FAB” chunking framework for creating and showing business value
  • How to strategically link case studies to prospective client scenarios 
  • The 5- keys for centralizing Professional Services sales and marketing support
  • How to go past pain points and uncover client aspirations 

Partner Presentation

  • How to use our solution to highlight client innovation
  • How to showcase our superior market positioning vs. the competition  
  • When and how to pivot from the Microserve marketing position statement to our solution
  • 5- key components to building a case against incumbent partners     
  • The keys to positioning our solution to go wider and deeper in customer and prospect accounts

Master Class Three

Client Discovery

Tuesday, November 29th
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Identifying Needs Accurately

  • 7- critical questions needed for building value creation needs 
  • How to leverage the power of sound bites and why it matters
  • 5- steps to simplifying your call preparation  
  • The Socratic Method for uncovering gaps; there’s more than just pain  
  • Professional conversations and knowing when to pivot 
  • The political landscape; who cares about what and why?
  • The 10- must know, business financial terms to avoid losing all credibility

Partner Presentation

  • How to uncover the most obvious and pressing needs that our solution fills 
  • Moving through technical needs to business needs   
  • How to get a conversation started regarding our solution, regardless of current client preferences 
  • The keys to understanding and pushing past vendor association bias
  • Different “titles” have different needs; how our solution stacks up    
  • Helping clients to realize the superior economics of our solution 

Master Class Four

Building Mega Credibility

Tuesday, December 6th
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

The Credibility Formula

  • How and why the little things mean a lot
  • The 4- major purchasing fears and how to help buyers get past them 
  • The keys for becoming the low risk, no risk trusted advisor
  • Dress for success; unless you are “one in a million.”
  • How to build credibility through your sales presentation  
  • 3- ways to position yourself as a respected authority

Partner Presentation

  • The superior features, advantages and benefits of our solution 
  • How to leverage our industry reputation to close more PS sales
  • How to become a respected authority with our solution
  • 5- ways to properly position yourself along side our organization   
  • Building credibility through our solution’s industry value creation
  • 3- ways to position our solution against the competition to build buyer confidence 

Master Class Follow-up

Coaching for Success

November-December, 2022.

Private, 1.5 hour coaching sessions will be scheduled with each participant, to maximize learning outcomes including:
  • Identifying current client opportunities 
  • Debriefing sales competencies highlighted in the CMC, Sales Executive DNA report 
  • Revisit and track skilling-up objectives and gains to date
  • Exploring and reviewing vendor advantages for creating client business value  
  • Consolidating relevant learning notes and playbook exercises completion   
  • General review of next steps to increasing Professional Service sales

Sample Client Testimonials

Mike L.

"I found the program to be extremely engaging. Specifically developing the key leadership trait of "vision" resonated with me, as I begin to develop a new corporate department." Business Development Executive

Head of Growth, UK-based 100-person AI start-up.

“Despite my three decades in business and exceptional coaching and leadership training while at firms including PwC, I learned new and unique insights that will be central to my future success. The concept of performance design, practical ways to make strategic plans truly cascade to me as an individual, and a framework for mapping Kevin’s skills and methodologies to my plan. Most importantly, this is how I will maximise my value to my company.”

Director of Operations, market leading fitness chain.

"The GOSPA strategic planning framework and CLEAR Coaching methodology, helped me to identify $200k a month in revenue we could capture by better engaging our managers in a proper coaching program."

Enterprise Level IT Account Executive

"A quick note of thanks for setting up these sessions to discuss my overall sales plans and approach with my largest account. They have been particularly helpful in both getting me organized and in keeping the plans we discussed for this account, on course."

Print and Digital Marketing CEO

"The Master Classes had a big impact on me, especially the interviewing framework Kevin presented to us. Also, the group role play gave me clarity regarding mistakes I'd been making in the past, but at the same time, the confidence for going forward."

Participation includes...

Immediately applicable topics tailored to participant needs...

Specific partner selling solutions linked to solve your most pressing PS sales challenges.

CMC, Sales Executive DNA Report...

Our 59-page report to help develop individual PS sales skills and competencies.

A professional and collaborative environment...

Collaborative and advanced learning sessions to boost retention and results.

4, 40- page, comprehensive course workbooks and case studies...

Designed to double as PS sales Playbooks for ongoing application.

Follow-up and support coaching...

A quarterly, 1- hour coaching call after the program concludes, to review and discuss your progress.

4- professionally delivered Master Classes...

Benefit from an industry expert who's engaging style, maximizes outcomes and guarantees an enjoyable learning experience.

Certificate of achievement...

Beautifully designed and personalized to showcase on your office wall.

3- bonus modules and field guides...

Three additional topics for you to use and apply on your own time.

About your program author and facilitator

Kevin Moloney has led thousands of participants through his leadership programs with his inspiring and engaging approach. He founded Clear Moves Consulting in 2001 and has delivered training programs with clients throughout Canada, in the United States, the Middle East, India, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. He’s helped individuals and companies in a broad scope of industries to unlock greater value through employee development including banking, construction, forestry, public sector, manufacturing and technology. His training programs produce tangible client results through disciplined, rigorous analysis and strong client partnerships. Kevin is an active member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants and is in the final candidacy of achieving his Certified Managerial Consultant designation, the profession’s only international certification mark, recognized in over 50 countries. It represents a commitment to the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession.

You'll be in Great Company!

Here is a sample of organizations that CMC has worked with over the years.

  • Chevron Canada
  • Government of Canada
  • NAPA Auto Parts
  • GE Capital Technology Services  
  • Translink
  • Griff Building Supplies
  • AIWO
  • Dishnet DSL
  • Taj Resorts
  • Tecumseh Industries
  • Great West Life
  • Tata Group India
  • Staples
  • Satalia
  • Aircel
  • RPG Cellular
  • Sterling Infotech
  • Teck Construction
  • BABz
  • Minerva Technologies
  • Magna International
  • Innovation Networks 
  • The Bank of Montreal
  • The Municipality of White Rock
  • Microserve
  • Lark Construction
  • Stilewood International
  • Calgary Exhibition and Stampede
  • Thompson Reuters


The Value Creation Master Class is a facilitator lead, hybrid online/in person workshop with a high engagement approach to learning. The live sessions will be held online and at the Microserve head office in Vancouver.

Yes. The initiative requires a 100% commitment from the Microserve attendees. Of course there are unforeseen circumstances that do come up and these can be determined and messaged to Syl Jacob. The key is to block off your calendar well in advance.

In addition to a full agenda, it’s important that participants have ample time to connect with each other in a meaningful way. The VCMC is more than just an exercise in theoretical ideas. Participants help each other to apply the program curriculum to help improve their sales success.
Regardless of your current sales success or years of industry experience, you’ll be able to sharpen your skills and significantly increase your Professional Service sales numbers.