A Complete, 10- Part Program to Help You Master the Essence of Leadership

Spring Session: 

April 16 to May 15th, 2024

Fast Facts

  • 30 total hours of instruction and group coaching
  • Morning sessions delivered over 5-consecutive weeks to simplify scheduling
  • Instructor-led, on-line environment, in an easy to digest module format 
  • Developed and tested by multiple experts in the field
  • 16 relevant and up-to-date critical leadership and management topics 
  • Course workbooks and compendiums to boost learning
  • Follow-up coaching to ensure applicable results
  • Includes 2, personalized leadership reports from the global leader in diagnostics, TTI Success Insights.   

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Participant Profile

Over the years, we’ve had many profiles of managers and leaders from different industries attend and benefit from our programs, from different counties and with varying responsibilities. You will benefit most from this program if you fit into one of the categories below and your situation is similar to what we have described in the drop down.

Many existing managers are tasked with improving or re-building a line of business into a high trust, high performing environment. Manage, Lead & Scale has helped managers in this situation by providing the very best methods for uncovering and eliminating the de-motivators in your workplace and replacing them by creating a winning environment.

The program has also helped existing managers who desire to take their abilities and teams further by adding to their overall all ability through coaching, better communication skills, improved emotional intelligence and strategic thinking to name a few. 

To scale, organization’s need to promote from within and often people who have succeed in highly technical roles, find themselves in this situation, or they aspire to be in management. If this is you, now your responsibilities shift from doing to managing and leading. The Prioritized Leader, will help you to effectively make this transition by letting go of certain tasks and then learning how to delegate them effectively to key members of your team. You’ll also need to learn how to set new priorities which will maximize the outputof the team you are now leading. 

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Ensure continued success in a competitive marketplace. A review of your strengths, the power of flexibility and ways of enlisting your key team members, to ensure their full ownership in developing and executing on the plan. Strategic tools to exceed all your previous levels of accomplishment by refreshing your skill sets through a powerful strategic planning formula. that will help you make a quantum leap past your competition. 

You’ll learn how to identify greater business goals, ways to consider and develop alternate strategies and determine superior plans of action. We’ll also cover the need for conducting some analysis and re-visiting your corporate values, vision and mission

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Mike L.

"I found the program to be extremely engaging. Specifically developing the key leadership trait of "vision" resonated with me, as I begin to develop a new corporate department." Business Development Executive

What to Expect

For organizations to scale, they need their people to pivot between managing and leading. However, there are barriers to people developing these critical skills sets, resulting in:

While some of these issues can be addressed by traditional video learning or instruction, what no one else has done is use performance design when cascading their strategies. Our flagship leadership program, Manage, Lead & Scale does that and as a result:

Carl U.

"The GOSPA strategic planning framework and CLEAR Caching methodolgy. helped me to identify $200k a month in revenue we could capture by better engaging our managers in a proper coaching program." senior Operations Executive

Included in the Manage, Lead & Scale Program

Your investment in Manage, Lead & Scale is only $1295.00 and includes..The Manage Lead & Scale program is comprised of 4- professionally delivered master classes, structured over three (3) consecutive days. You’ll be participating with other managers with similar aspirations and looking for answers to today’s business challenges.

There are many good leadership training programs on the market, however practicality, not theory is what sets The Prioritized Leader apart from others. An intake questionnaire to help address and solve your most pressing leadership challenges. Applicable topics tailored to your needs…

5, 34- page course workbooks, designed to double as field guides for your ongoing application, long after you complete the program.

A quarterly, 1- hour coaching call after the program concludes, to review and discuss your progress.

You’ll receive a beautifully designed and personalized certificate of achievement to showcase on your office wall.

Be part of a powerful and growing, business support network.

Kevin’s management playbook “7 Power Moves for Leading in Turbulent Times is packed with proven methods for increasing your business results.

Benefit from an industry expert who’s engaging style, maximizes outcomes and guarantees an enjoyable learning experience..

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Clear Moves in alliance with TTI Success Insights, have partnered to create a world class training portal loaded with 18 bite size videos to deepen your learning. 

Mark D.

"The sessions you designed for us were fantastic! I took a lot away and have been inspired to empower others and help improve their ability to scale our business." Fitness Industry Executive

Learning Outcomes

The Prioritized Leader program goes way beyond theory.You’ll come to understand how and why managers and leaders play the pivotal role in organizational success, the importance of continuous personal and professional development and how in fact leaders are made, not born. In addition, you will learn how to:

Succeeding as a leader begins with yourself and in this powerful session, you will  learn the 7 key traits required to be recognized as one of the greats your industry and/or community. You’ll also cover the importance of continuous personal and professional development and how professional managers and leaders are actually made, not born. 

Better manage your emotions in stressful situationAchieve clarity regarding the priorities that best serve your roleMeet a crisis head on with clarity and confidence.

There is a glut of information today including numerous trends and fads. However, what every manager needs is a specific and orderly platform they can access and then operate from.  In this module you’ll cover:

The seven vital functions of management

How to maximize your efforts to contribute to organizational success.

Develop the ability to pivot between managing and leading.

Recognize how future success depends on being better than you were one year ago.

You’ll cover the key components of crisis anticipation and the importance and ways of enlisting your key team members, to ensure their full ownership in developing and executing on the plan. Using our AVVM GOSPA framework, you’ll learn how to identify and develop your financial goals, how to get there, and plans of action. We’ll also cover the need for developing or re-visiting your corporate purpose, vision and mission. and power of leadership flexibility

    • 3- critical components of business continuity
    • How strategic planning increases and speeds-up your financial results.
    • The 5- keys for getting full team commitment in executing on the plan
    • Four distribution models to consider incorporating in your strategic plan.
    • How to use the Opportunity Iceberg innovate and recognize new revenue opportunities
    • How to apply Porter’s Five Forces in your strategy decisions
    • 5- management traits you must develop in order to build the right strategy and plans
    • How to recognize and adjust to the changing demands of your customers
  • Why it’s essential that you play an integral role in helping people build careers
  • How becoming skilled at coaching gives your organization an immediate financial boost
  • How to apply the CMC CLEAR coaching model to drive tangible increases in results
  • Why coaching is one of the most powerful ways to leverage your abilities as a leader
  • How to professionally prepare, deliver and conclude an effective coaching session
  • The 3- types of employee development situations where the CLEAR method works
  • When to use coaching to solidify your teams commitment to winning

Scaling your business or department, depends on recruiting and hiring top talent. From there, you need to build a world class team, beginning with uncovering and eliminating the de-motivators in your workplace. Then and only then, will you be able to build a high trust, high performing environment.

    • How to get the highest return on investment in people 
    • 5 common de-motivators that destroy team and company culture
    • Tuckman’s 4- key stages of team development
    • Five characteristics your team must have to win in a competitive marketplace
    • ways to avoid assigning people to the wrong assignments
    • The two kinds of problems that every team faces and how to overcome them
    • The SWAN formula for interviewing and assessing candidates



To scale your organization you must be willing to let go of certain day to day tasks and delegate them effectively to key members of your team. Uncovering the right methodology for setting priorities and allotting for greater efficiency, the relationship between your rewards and your results, and the fundamentals of modern-day priority management. You will also learn:

      • How and why poor or no delegation stifles business growth
      • How to get the highest return on investment in people
      • The key delegation mistake most leaders make and how to avoid it in the future
      • How excellent delegation builds a more proficient team
      • 5- ways proper delegation maximizes the productivity of your staff
      • The essential 4- part process of effective delegation
      • Ways to more accurately analyze and determine your most valuable contributions

Head of Growth, UK-based 100-person AI start-up.

“Despite my three decades in business and exceptional coaching and leadership training while at firms including PwC, I learned new and unique insights that will be central to my future success. The concept of performance design, practical ways to make strategic plans truly cascade to me as an individual, and a framework for mapping Kevin’s skills and methodologies to my plan. Most importantly, this is how I will maximise my value to my company.”

Program author and facilitator

Kevin Moloney has led thousands of participants through his leadership programs with his inspiring and engaging approach. He founded Clear Moves Consulting in 2001 and has delivered training programs with clients throughout Canada, in the United States, the Middle East, India, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. He’s helped individuals and companies in a broad scope of industries to unlock greater value through employee development including banking, construction, forestry, public sector, manufacturing and technology. His training programs produce tangible client results through disciplined, rigorous analysis and strong client partnerships. Kevin is an active member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants and is in the final candidacy of achieving his Certified Managerial Consultant designation, the profession’s only international certification mark, recognized in over 50 countries. It represents a commitment to the highest standards of consulting and adherence to the ethical canons of the profession.
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You'll be in Great Company!

Here is a sample of organizations that CMC has worked with over the years.

  • Chevron Canada
  • Government of Canada
  • NAPA Auto Parts
  • GE Capital Technology Services  
  • Translink
  • Griff Building Supplies
  • AIWO
  • Dishnet DSL
  • Taj Resorts
  • Tecumseh Industries
  • Great West Life
  • Tata Group India
  • Staples
  • Satalia
  • Aircel
  • RPG Cellular
  • Sterling Infotech
  • Teck Construction
  • BABz
  • Minerva Technologies
  • Magna International
  • Innovation Networks 
  • The Bank of Montreal
  • The Municipality of White Rock
  • Microserve
  • Lark Construction
  • Stilewood International
  • Calgary Exhibition and Stampede
  • Thompson Reuters


There are numerous leadership training programs on the market and some of them are very good. However, what sets Manage, Lead & Scale apart from others is the material is practical, relevant and immediately applicable, to real world situations. 

Manage, Lead & Scale is a facilitator lead, online workshop with a high engagement approach to learning. The digital platform credentials will be sent to you in your welcome and assessment package, once you register for the FREE Reveal session.

If you have any hesitation at all about completing the program, it’s likely better that you wait until your commitment feels 100% right for you. However, most participants feel that as the first session begins, they experience a renewed sense of optimism and begin recognizing exciting opportunities to improve their business. From there, they don’t want to miss another minute!

In addition to a full session and curriculum agenda, we leave ample time for participants to connect with each other in a meaningful way. M, L & S is more than just an exercise in theoretical ideas. Participants help each other to apply the program curriculum to help scale their division or business.

The mix of participation includes successful entrepreneurs, new managers, corporate managers and individuals being groomed to take over the family business.
Payment is due in full five days in advance of the program either through PayPal, eTransfer, Visa, or MasterCard.
No, the first Master Class is FREE. Afterwards, if we both determine that Manage, Lead & Scale is the right fit for you, we’ll get you registered and invoice you seperately.

Curious to know more? Call Kevin Moloney directly at 778.317.8064.