Leadership Power Moves

7 Proven Tactics to Engage Your Teams and Crush Your Goals.

The leaders of today have had global threats thrust upon them, faster than perhaps any other time in history. However, this tectonic shift can actually provide an opportunity for the innovative leader to outmaneuver their competition and thrive in these uncertain times.

The 7 Power Moves and tactics contained in this Playbook are methodologies I have personally tested and proven with clients over the years, yielding qualitative and quantitative results. They will help you whether you’re a successful entrepreneur running a small, mid-market business or leading a division within a multinational conglomerate. These concepts have come from over 25 years of experience in achieving results in large and small organizations, at home and in various countries around the world. They go way beyond theory, so you can identify and solve your most pressing challenges to achieve higher levels of performance and scale your business to even greater heights.

The Playbook is organized by listing each of the Power Moves, followed by a simple framework and application exercises, so you can easily execute, measure and monitor your results. They are designed so you can take immediate action without getting bogged down in complicated steps, or adding unnecessary details.

I wish you the very best in your journey as a leader and if you would like assistance in applying any of these principles, please contact me directly at 778.317.8064 or [email protected].

Kevin Moloney
Founder and President, Clear Moves Consulting

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