Retaining Us

Clients hire us as a valuable extension to their business to:

  • Provide unbiased and relevant guidance while managing change.
  • Uncover and capture revenue from the services, products, markets and processes that have the greatest upside potential.
  • Achieve and sustain significant competitive advantage.
Years in Business
Employees positively impacted
Countries Worked In
Revenue Contributions

Impact and Lasting Results

We create a sustainable performance framework so you and your team are able to continue, long after the project is complete.

Our minimum guarantee is your investment will be cost neutral. However, more typically and what we strive for is that your ROI from hiring us will be realized in one of two tiers.


3:1 and greater


10:1 and greater

About You

CMC works with a select group of clients, who are committed to building a peak performance organization.

You must have an authentic passion for positively impacting the lives of your employees, your clients, the communities you work in and the environment.

Simplicity in approach. Outstanding by design.

Establish Clarity

A vision for the future is the starting point. Being absolutely clear regarding growth plans is essential to eliminating ambiguity. Specific, focused and directly relevant.

Design and Collaborate

A focused, disciplined and collaborative approach to addressing disparate or cumbersome skill gaps. These issues become a thing of the past, replaced with collaborative efforts that are aligned to advance the company, department and individual goals.

Implement, Achieve and Sustain

Outstanding performance comes from people. When everyone’s more motivated and feeling successful, faster growth, higher revenue, lower costs, and stronger brand recognition and are now possible. Sustainable measures for the long term

Sample Client Results

  • Developing new disciplines in for an IT integrator to increase professional services revenue by 30%.
  • Savings more than $250k on system implementation through ‘client led’ RFP and selection process.
  • Implemented a strategic planning and team building methodology to re-build an underperforming and disconnected team of solutions architects into a group who exceeded IT industry NPS averages of 4.8.
  • Discovering $200k per month in unrealized revenue for an market leading fitness chain by developing cascading strategic plans.
  • Created and delivered an innovative career transition program for professionals. Success rate averaged 65% of participants re-employed 3 x faster than the industry average.
  • Conducted strategic planning for a start-up fitness chain which eventually sold a 60% stake for $20 million.
  • Helped a seasoned account executive design a strategy and process to capture $2M plus in sales from a previously unattainable public sector organization.
  • Provided strategic coaching to an individual service provider, who increased their sales by 200% in seven months, closing the year as number #1 in their branch.
  • Provided strategic guidance and time to market insight to a leading Canadian manufacturer, which resulted in previously missed distribution channels worth approximately $10m in annual revenue.

CMC helps organizations to design and accelerate outstanding performance.