Reflect and Self Assess

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During times of upheaval, you need to be at the top of your game. If you are feeling an overwhelming sense of stress or frustration, it might be time to take stock.

Tactics and Implementation 

Here are two simple and very effective exercises:

  1. The Leadership Wheel: The wheel contains seven key traits which together, represent one way of describing yourself as a leader. It’s a method of assessing your level of satisfaction in these areas on the day you work through the exercise; it is not a picture of how it has been in the past, or what you want it to be in the future. Zero means ‘not satisfied at all’ and 10 means ‘highly satisfied.’ After you’ve rated yourself in each of the traits, connect the lines to form an inner wheel. The balance or lack thereof will give you a snapshot of where you can begin to make some improvements.
  2. TTI Leadership Report. A more formal and amazingly detailed report, measuring your communication style, motivating factors, stress levels, and work environment.

With our Compliments

For a complimentary sample report and two Executive Coaching sessions to debrief, email us at

Keys to Success

  • Hire an Executive Coach to assist with the implementation
  • Requires humility on behalf of the leader
  • Willingness to put the time into the assessment
  • Commit to habituate the desired changes by practicing and repeating daily

Benefits and why it works

  • Gets to the core of personal improvement opportunities
  • Improving in just one area can make all the difference in helping you achieve your immediate and or long-term business and personal goals
  • Provides a solid foundation for building or re-building team harmony
  • The visuals provided with the exercises, create a powerful learning resource for ongoing reference