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Strategy and Planning

Navigating a marketplace where customer goal posts are constantly changing, can create a reactive culture of decision making among management teams and frustration with their direct reports. 

What executive teams require to counter this energy draining dynamic, is a framework to help them organize the most critical business and cultural priorities into a cohesive plan.

A market leading strategic plan is more than just words on paper. It’s a re-channeling of your people’s efforts behind a shared and clear vision for the future. Clear Moves will help you find new channels of undiscovered revenue and better ways for your teams to perform. You’ll finally have the opportunity to review and re-structure key roles, evaluate ideal customers, products and services and create a plan that will significantly impact your bottom line for the better.

Be brave. Be bold. Be daring. Challenge your assumptions by booking Clear Moves Consulting to help you build a strategic plan that will rocket your results to new heights
of accomplishment.

Leadership Development

Leadership is more than the title on a business card and everyone leads at some point. Our hybrid platform of onsite and e-learning, enables your employees, to develop into the future leaders of tomorrow.

Click here to learn more about our Manage, Lead & Scale program where you’ll learn:

  • The Key Traits of Outstanding Leaders  
  • The Vital Functions of Managerial Success 
  • How to Build a Competitive Strategic Plan   
  • How to Select, Develop and Coach High Performance Teams  
  • The Critical Leadership Skills Required for Work Life Harmony

Our Next Level Leadership program has been adopted by companies worldwide and works as an ideal on- boarding tool for all new hires. Start your employees off right, by helping them to embrace a leadership mind set.

“Already the results are pouring in. Sales are up significantly and there is an avalanche of creative
ideas. “One improvement made by one of our seminar graduates saved us $100,000 and covered the entire investment in the program. The most refreshing payoff has been the overall responsibility my employees are assuming.”

Distribution Executive

Business Technology

Business Technology

For the IT Buyer

The speed at which the world moves today dictates that your decisions regarding your hardware, networks, cloud services and storage are no longer something you delegate to your IT people. It’s a core function of your enterprise and requires the leaders in your company to have at minimum, a basic understanding of this critical function.

When done right, your technology works for you and not the other way around. That’s why we define it as ‘Business Technology.’ But how do you know who is leading who? By performing a candid review of your IT infrastructure including your digital transformation efforts, security, employee productivity and workflows.

From there, you can review the right kind of support contracts and partners and evaluate their proposed solutions. You’ll benefit greatly by receiving an impartial and comprehensive review and developing client – user led RFP’s for your major purchases.

For the IT Department

We are highly skilled at and can perform services for you in the following areas:

  • The planning, implementation and coordination of project activities
  • Business analysis and developing IT strategic plans
  • Augmenting Service Delivery efforts for complex projects
  • Presenting and communicating with project stakeholders

“The work Kevin did for us helped save our client over $150k on the selection of a key IT system by effectively applying Business Analysis methodologies.”

-Technology CEO

Career Transition

Whether you are an HR specialist with the daunting task of heading up a reduction in force, or you are an employee whose position has been eliminated, you may feel like you’ve woken up from a bad dream. Regardless of your situation, our blended approach of a state of the art e-learning platform and on-site participant interaction, helps participants get more and better career search results faster than traditional models.

Next level Leadership

Whether a rising corporate star, a Gig worker or a myriad of possibilities in between, the Clear Moves holistic and tactical approach, ensures lasting success as the candidates navigate the waters ahead. The program addresses the initial ‘must haves’ such as finding a stop gap job, while exploring and developing the strategies required for candidates to secure the best possible future. 

Sales Enablement

In the last few years, the science of selling has changed dramatically in every area. Top sales professionals are those who have changed, adjusted and adapted to our brave new world.

Selling is more complex today than ever before, dictating that sales success requires a more nimble, but still consistent approach to customers and their needs.

Our approach has revolutionized and transformed the careers of many thousands of salespeople worldwide. Your sales people will learn their main job description is ‘problem solver’ and ‘customer advisor’ and how the Winning Edge Concept in selling will move them past the competition. They’ll be able to boost confidence, become immune to sales slumps and rejection, while building superior prospecting, proposing, negotiation and closing skills.

Our format is tailored to your needs through our state of the art E-learning platform, assessments, participant action commitments, field assignments and professional coaching.


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