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A Complete, 10 - Part Program to Help You Master the Key Responsibilities of Leadership and Grow Your Business.

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By attending Manage, Lead & Scale you will learn how to…​

  • Master the critical leadership traits necessary to build your entire future on.
  • Build a robust strategic plan to increase and speed up your growth efforts.
  • Identify key objectives to drive more revenue and increase your ROI and ROE.
  • Coach superior teams to help your organization better compete well into the future.
  • Systemize problem solving and find ways to make better decisions.
  • Foster innovation and superior marketing.
  • Achieve greater focus and work-life harmony.

Wednesday Mornings October 27 – November 17, 2021

$300 Re-opening support credit

Clear Moves Consulting is very pleased to offer our own economic re-opening contribution with a $300 credit for qualified applicants towards the regular course investment of $1995.00. Therefor, your investment of only $1695 enrolls you in this high-caliber program, tailored for leaders who want to level-up and make a real difference. 


No doubt it’s been a rough ride the last year and half for some businesses. That is why Clear Moves Consulting is pleased to offer a flexible financing plan of only $339.00 due before each session for qualified participants. 

What Others are Saying about M, L & S

Mark D.

"The sessions you designed for us in Manage, Lead & Scale were fantastic! I took a lot away and have been inspired to empower others and help improve their ability to help scale our business." Fitness Industry Executive

Jillian R.

"The sessions you designed for us in Manage, Lead & Scale were fantastic! I took a lot away and have been inspired to empower others and help improve their ability to help scale our business." Trade Industry Leader

Mike L.

"I found the program to be extremely engaging. Specifically developing the key leadership trait of Vision resonated with me, as I begin to develop a new corporate department." Business Development Executive

Bryan C.

"The recruiting and staffing modules in Manage, Lead & Scale had a big impact on me, especially the interviewing framework Kevin presented to us. Also, the group role play gave me clarity regarding the hiring mistakes I'd been making in the past, but at the same time, the confidence for getting the right people going forward." Print and Marketing CEO

A note from your program author and facilitator

Manage, Lead & Scale is the result of over twenty years of personal experience as a leader, numerous local and international consulting assignments, extensive research, observation, set backs and successes. It was designed at a critical time in our history for leaders who are determined to press ahead, regardless of the challenges that may lie ahead. By attending and fully participating in Manage, Lead & Scale, you will be putting yourself on the right track to fulfill your professional potential in the days, months and years ahead. The program will also help you to grow personally and help you fulfill your incredible potential as a human being.

Welcome aboard!

Kevin Moloney


The five consecutive master classes run Wednesday mornings, beginning October 27, 2021, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. This flexible format has been proven ideal for people with busy schedules, while ensuring the very best application of the program curriculum.

Week One

Becoming a Leader

Wednesday, October 27 

8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Becoming a Leader

One of the marks of the superior leader is that they conduct themselves as though everyone were watching, even when no one is watching. Top leaders set high standards for everything they do and as result, are able to enlist the loyalty of the best people. One of Murphy’s Laws is; ‘before you do anything, you have to do something else first.’ In this master class, you will learn the seven key characteristics necessary to becoming a role model for others. Then and only then, are you prepared to move onto more tactical leadership responsibilities.

The Vital Functions of Management

Management is an art as well as a science and there are several key result areas for each manager. Your ability to function well in each of these areas, is central to your success and your effectiveness when you pivot to managing. When you manage, there a series of vital functions, or essential things that you do to get results. The way you perform these vital functions determines your success. You’ll learn how to get things done through others and the critical method to establishing standards of performance. 

Week Two

Managing the Strategic Core

Wednesday, November 03 

8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon

The Principles of Strategy

You’ll cover how to concentrate on your strengths, the power of leadership flexibility and adaptable thinking versus mechanical thinking and the key components of business continuity. We’ll also cover the importance and ways of enlisting your key team members, to ensure their full ownership in developing and executing on the plan. You’ll learn the key differences between a strategic plan and a day to day to day operational plan and your business can grow exponentially if they properly fit together.

The Formula for Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is critical to have as the overarching framework  to carry out your day to day operational plan. We’ll cover the parallels between corporate strategy and military strategy that can help you succeed in a competitive marketplace today. You’ll learn a simple but powerful 9- part framework for building a strategic plan that will increase and speed-up your financial results. We’ll also cover how to enlist your key team members, in a way that ensures their full ownership in executing on the plan.

Week Three

Building World Class Teams

Wednesday, November 10
8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Recruiting and Selecting Talent

In order to scale a business, one must be able to recruit and groom top talent. Conversely, many avoidable problems stem from assigning the wrong people to the wrong assignments. You will develop and demonstrate hiring frameworks to ensure your  selection skills are world class. Now you can begin to think through and act on building a high trust, high performing environment. This encompasses learning the very best methods for uncovering and eliminating the de-motivators in your workplace. You will now be in a position to fully grasp that culture is a way of performing, created by the environment the leader creates.

High Performance Coaching

It is essential that your leadership team play an integral role in helping people build careers, and becoming skilled at coaching is one of the very best ways to make this contribution. In this module you are going to learn our exclusive CLEAR coaching model, one of the very best professional coaching frameworks available today. You’ll learn why coaching is one of the most powerful ways to leverage your talent as a leader. You’ll cover how to prepare, deliver, conclude and then follow up on each coaching session. You’ll also learn how to develop employee confidence and a commitment to winning.

Week Four

Market Leadership

Wednesday, November 17

8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon


Week four is all about learning how to apply a disciplined approach to business creativity. You will be inspired and challenged to test your assumptions and dig into the theory of constraints. This will allow you to identify the obstacles keeping your vision from becoming a reality. This week boils down to trusting your intuition as a powerful mechanism for anticipating opportunities and competitive threats.

The Leadership Focal Point

You’ll learn the importance of the Theory of Consequences and how it is the key to staying focused on the business priorities that matter. You’ll cover the 3 components of the Leadership Focal Point which is the key is to simplifying your life and achieving peace of mind; your highest and most important personal goal as a leader and the pivotal point for maintaining good mental health. You’ll learn how to practice creative abandonment with tasks that no longer contribute to accomplishing your most important goals.  

Week Five

Personal Management

Wednesday, November 24

8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Making Better Decisions

As a leader, you inevitably face and respond to a continuous succession of challenges. In this fifth leadership master class, you’ll learn how the best leaders are decisive but not impulsive. Learning to make better decisions is critical to ensuring the proper allocation of resources, money and people and is the most critical skill required in a crisis. We’ll cover the proper use of work team decision making and the importance of eliminating blocking assumptions. 

The Integrating Principle

Leaders today have too much to do and not enough time. The key is to simplify your life. You will learn how setting peace of mind as your highest goal is the pivotal point for getting your life into balance and maintaining good mental health. Booked as a one on one follow-up coaching call, you’ll have a chance to review your progress and make any required adjustments with your new skill sets.

Manage, Lead & Scale Participants Get More!

Tailored to your needs

An intake questionnaire to help address and solve your most pressing leadership challenges

A professional and collaborative environment

5 collaborative and advance learning sessions with other like-minded leaders to boost your results

World class learning tools

5 comprehensive course workbooks, designed to double as field guides after the program

A copy of the CMC Playbook

"7 Power Moves for Leading in Turbulent Times"

Private executive coaching

A quarterly coaching call after the program concludes to review and discuss your progress

M, L & S alumni status

Be part of a powerful and growing, business support network

Certificate of achievement

Beautifully designed and personalized to showcase on your office wall

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