How to Choose a Leadership Training Program

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Leaders are made not born.

They are developed through a series of conscious actions and in-actions, sometimes beginning early in their lives (think captains of sports teams), but sometimes, people don’t develop into leaders until later in their careers when they receive a promotion or take on new responsibilities.

And that’s OK – anyone can develop into a leader with the right training, former college football quarterback or not. The goal with leadership training isn’t necessarily to become a titan of industry; but rather that you are able to step into your role and lead effectively when called to do so. And that is usually when it matters most. 

A strange dichotomy exists in the leadership training space today thanks to the overwhelming amount of information available. While you can gain access to anything you need to know relatively easily, there is also a vast amount of conflicting information out there. 

Scholars from B-Schools are out there loudly shouting contrarian ideas regarding everything from “How to Coach” to “Should you Lead from the Bottom or the Top?” There is certainly no shortage of ideas. The this-or-that type of leader ideology really paints people in a box and labels them in a way that is probably not helpful at all.

What aspiring leaders or those in higher positions need is a platform to work from. Not dissimilar to a computer operating system that enables you to load applications that make the most sense for you to perform certain tasks. Not a cookie-cutter, blanket approach to leadership.

When you start with a platform and use it to guide your growth, you know exactly what needs to be done, you know the area where you want or need to develop and, best of all, it makes it easy to monitor your progress. In Manage, Lead, & Scale we begin by focusing on 7 key characteristics of leaders (see below). After using our platform, you could even go so far as using the seven responsibilities as key components to your own personal corporate performance management system. 

Manage Lead & Scale is the result of more than twenty years of personal experience as a leader, numerous local and international consulting assignments, extensive research, observation, setbacks and successes. We cover the seven key responsibilities of leadership over seven weeks to give you a solid platform to work from. 

Here is a sneak-peek at the first session, where you immediately begin your individual journey to develop as a leader:

Manage, Lead, & Scale Session One: Becoming a Leader 

There are 7 critical areas of your personal and professional make-up that can be developed.  These 7 traits will ensure that you become a great leader and are well-rounded in every aspect required to succeed in business.

  1. Vision – The ability to build and implement a strategic plan and enlist others in carrying out the plan. 
  2. Courage – Courage is the ability to take measured risks.  
  3. Integrity – The single quality that guarantees all the other qualities, and is the most identifiable characteristic of a leader
  4. Humility – Focusing on what’s right for the company, rather than what’s right for your ego.
  5. Foresight – The ability to look forward and to anticipate what might happen. 
  6. Focus  – On results, on what must be achieved by themselves, by others, and by the company.
  7. Cooperation – The ability to work well with others, leading by example, and being visible.  

If you’re ready to develop these 7 characteristics of great leaders through your own personal development plan, instead of being lumped into another cookie-cutter business-school coaching program, then check out our Manage, Lead, & Scale program.

Our next cohort begins in just 7 weeks, on October 20th, and doors close once we reach our max capacity of 7 ideal participants. If you have questions , send us a message – but don’t wait.

Looking forward to working with you this fall.