Performance improvement is not a matter of chance; it's by design.

An Example of Recent CMC Heroes

From Idea to Market

A serial entrepreneur turns an idea and an obsession, into a fully operational plant-based food product company.

Strategic Succession

Taking over from Dad was no problem for this female entrepreneur and in a few short months, monetized a new line of business and increases sales with a critical marketing initiative by 150%.

Unlocking Value

In our Coaching for High Performance Leadership, program, a fitness executive discovers how coaching could add $2.4 million a year in unrealized revenue.

Sales Way Up

An individual service provider, leverages his strategic sales plan and increases sales by 200%.

Clarity and Insights

Despite three decades in business and exceptional coaching and leadership training while at firms including PwC, this executive learned new and unique insights that will be central to their future success in growing an AI start-up.

How we help 

There are four key solution areas where we can help you discover new opportunities.

Strategic Planning

A good strategic plan is more than just words on paper. It’s a focused channeling of shared efforts, behind a clear vision for the future. It will help you discover new revenue streams and more efficient ways for your teams to perform. You’ll take the time to review and evaluate products and services and  significantly improve your bottom line.

Strategic Planning
Leadership Development

For organizations to scale, they need their people to pivot between managing and leading. However, there are barriers to people developing these critical skills sets, leading to:

    • Departmental strategies being non existed or not aligned
    • The supporting objectives not being clear
    • Disparate or cumbersome skill development plans to achieve the objectives

While some of these issues can be addressed by traditional video learning or instruction, what no one else has done is use performance design when cascading their strategies. Manage, Lead & Scale does that and as a result:

    • Collaborative efforts are aligned to advance the company, department and individual goals
    • Skill gaps are identified and addressed
    • Everyone’s more motivated and successful
Business Technology

Business Technology means that leaders must have a grasp and be in aware of how hardware, network design, cloud services and software can improve your business results. 

When done right, your technology works for you and not the other way around. CMC helps clients by performing a candid review of IT infrastructure including security, employee productivity and workflows so you can better evaluate future needs and budgets.

Business Technology
Executive and Strategic Coaching
Next level Leadership

Coaching is the glue that holds all the other corporate improvement initiatives. It also provides the client with a broader spectrum of potential solutions by widening your their view.  

Companies and individuals come to us for strategic coaching for a variety of reasons. Just a few of the issues they are often dealing with include:

  • Confusion with the “fog of more;” difficulty in separating the urgent from the important. 
  • The need for improving your emotional quotient – hard skills make a significant contribution but you are struggling with the team environment or company politics. 
  • Erosion of any significant meaning or purpose in your current role.  
  • Lack of personal strategy to achieve work-life balance and harmony. 􏰎􏰝 􏰝􏰅􏰅􏰍 􏰡􏰉 􏰎􏰝 􏰍􏰎􏰱􏰛􏰦􏰠􏰒􏰨

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