Digital Line of Sight

Digital Line of Sight

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So when your digital transition teams think about the need for connectivity as it relates to the mobile workforce, what comes to mind? Well it depends on the Line of Sight from your current job. My LoS includes using and helping clients create Standards of Use with document portals like SharePoint, communication bridges such as Skype and Slack for connecting internal and external project teams.

Digital Transformation is staring down every organization right now and many experts even suggest that modern society is in the midst of a communications revolution. And one of the key pillars, regardless of whose model of you espouse to for going digital is Connectivity; Across the entire organization to include local, remote and mobile workers as well as clients.

But recently my LoS expanded significantly – literally to the road and field when I met Glenn Kennedy of Siyata Mobile Inc. Siyata has developed a world beater with an all-in-one, in vehicle device which enables organizations and their fleet operations of all kinds to get and stay connected with the push of a button (watch the video below.)

Glenn explains with great excitement: “Our devices utilize Push to Talk technology (PTT) that delivers crystal clear cellular voice calls, Push to Talk Over Cellular data applications and more. And we do this while ensuring road safety for the professional drivers of the world.”

Think industries such as Agriculture, Forestry, Logistics, Utilities, Oil & Gas Construction and Waste Management. And vehicles such as School Buses, Road Repair Equipment, Tractors, Taxis & Limos, First Responder Vehicles- Police, Fire, Ambulance and Trains. 

Colleague and fellow UBC alumni, Fernando Tavares – co founder of Hack The Web Escola Digital emphasizes the criticality of expanding our views. “To be connected means to be accessible. Add that means a connected mobile workforce has never been more critical.”

So whether you are initiating or completing your Digital Transformation Strategy, don’t forget about the unsung heroes like professional drivers of the world, delivering the books and sneakers you just purchased with just one click.