A time to Lead

A Time to Lead

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‘Leadership is not a matter of the title on your business card or your stature in society.’

Do you hear that? I do. It’s a beating heart. Yours, mine and the hearts of your colleagues, friends, family and neighbors. It’s where courageous leadership begins and right now you are being tested to lead as perhaps never before. It’s been said that ‘soldiers pray for peace but hope for war.’ Meaning, that during times of war they pray for peace because war is so terrible. But only in times of battle, is it possible for them to achieve distinction. That time is here for all of us. 

We are at war and therefor a time in our history when leaders will appear because leaders are needed. Leadership is not a matter of the title on your business card or your stature in society. It is a state of mind, body and soul; born of vision, courage and integrity.

No matter what the origin or cause. No matter which political party or leader you love or hate. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs; we are in a crisis and the ultimate test of leadership is how well you and I perform right now. 

There is already and will be more pain, difficulties and plenty of finger pointing. But leaders rise above the chatter and the noise by remaining calm and collected, tolerant and patient; even when they do not receive the same in return. Leaders dig deep within themselves to focus on the actions of today, so they can seize the opportunities of tomorrow. They don’t get bogged down with the problems and difficulties of what happened yesterday.

A crisis is an opportunity to prove why you are a leader. So keep your feet moving, be safe, stay calm and no matter what, carry on.

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